Premium Artificial Grass by ForeverLawn


Our Backing




BioCel™ Premium Backing

The Polymers used in our premium backing are created from Soybean plants - a stable and 100% renewable resource.  The backing is fully permeable - which means that rain water doesn't get trapped in the backing.  It adds dimensional stability to the blades of grass, as well as added protection between the grass and the ground below.


Knitted Backing



Knitted Backing

Every application should have a turf designed specifically for that use.  That's why ForeverLawn uses a knitted backing with flow-through technology for its K9Grass, Playground Grass, and SplashGrass lines of products.  


Our Seams

Superior synthetic turf calls for superior installation.  Our micromechanical seaming process takes the elements that mother nature throws at us to provide a resilient seam that lasts.